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ASEME 1.5.0 has been released. The SUC graphical model has been modified to show the types of roles.

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ASEME 1.1.4 has been released. The XPDL generator is now fully integrated and the generic C++ generator has been included for the first time.

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The ASEME Integrated Development Environment has just been released. It is based on the eclipse popular platform. The new ASEME Dashboard view allows to access all the ASEME tools from one dashboard, guiding the developer in the software engineering process.



A paper titled "Validating Requirements Using Gaia Analysis Models" was presented today at the Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS 2015), in conjuction with AAMAS 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. This paper presents a method aimed to assist an engineer in transforming agent roles models (ASEME SRM models) to a process model. Thus, the software engineer can employ available tools to validate specific properties of the modeled system even before its final implementation. Simulations of the defined agent roles can be used to a) validate (statistically) the system requirements and b) determine how it could scale. This way, developers and managers can configure processes’ parameters and identify and resolve risks early in their project.


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